hydraulic crimping pump with head 69061

We use this hydraulic crimptool to make the larger crimps. Primarily to crimp AMPLI-BOND and TERMINYL type terminals in the gauge 8. 6. 4 and 2 range.
This crimptool has a fixed (not removable) head 69061 mounted on the hydraulic pump wich can hold the different die sets for the gauge 8, 6, 4 and 2 sizes.
The pumping handle operates the plunger wich presses the die set together and the fixed handle can be twisted to open or close the hydraulic valve to release the die set once the crimp has been made.

The head and die sets for TERMINYL type terminals are:
gauge 8: head 69061, die set 47820 (red)
gauge 6: head 69061, die set 47821 (blue)
gauge 4: head 69061, die set 47822 (yellow)
gauge 2: head 69061, die set 47823 (red)
gauge 1/0: head 69066, die set 47824 (blue)
gauge 2/0: head 69066, die set 47825 (yellow)
gauge 4/0: head 69066, die set 47918 (blue)
For crimping gauge 1/0 and larger size TERMINYL or AMPLI-BOND terminals see the section on the gauge 1/0 to 4/0 die set.

Let's crimp a gauge 8 (red) terminal on a gauge 8 wire.
gauge 8 terminyl type red terminal

This is the AMP hydraulic handtool with head 89061 wich can hold dies to crimp gauges 8. 6. 4 and 2 wires.
AMP 89061

We get the tool from the toolstore and we want to crimp a gauge 8 TERMINYL type terminal but the tool has a die set installed for a gauge 8 AMPLI-BOND type terminal. See the terminals section for more information on TERMINYL and AMPLI-BOND types terminals.
AMPLI-BOND die set

We need the gauge 8 TERMINYL type die set so we remove the AMPLI-BOND type die set by first opening the head by removing the pin and then releasing the first allen key.
first allen key

The first half of the die set can be removed, for the second half of the die set we need to pump the die outward a little bit to expose the allen screw.
removing the last half of the die set

Now we can insert the TERMINYL type die set. the color code is also 'red' for the gauge 8.
TERMINYL type die set

A closer view of the die set reveals that we indeed have the gauge 8 TERMINYL type die set. (die set: 47820)
gauge 8 TERMINYL type die set

This is a good time to strip the wire that we are going to crimp into the terminal.
wire stripped

The terminal is inserted into the die set.
crimping the terminal

And crimped.
terminal crimped

The crimp should be made on the metal barrel. U can see the gauge 8 code stamped onto the insulation where the crimp is made.
the crimped terminal

The TERMINYL type terminals range from gauge 8 to gauge 4/0. Here are some TERMINYL type terminals ranging from gauge 8 to gauge 1.
TERMINYL type terminals
(gauge 8 red, gauge 6 blue, gauge 4 yellow, gauge 2 red, gauge 1 blue).

The range of this hydraulic crimptool goes up to gauge 2 so the blue gauge 1 and larger terminal must be crimped with a larger die set.
We use die sets that fit in the 69066 head for this.
gauge 1 TERMINYL type terminal